The Officer's Chino

Read about the quest for the perfect pair of flat front chinos. Words and pictures by Rubato.

officer's chino in ivory
How do you go about finding a new perspective on a product that has been around for a long time and has had several if not countless iterations made of it? Where do you start?
A pair of flat front chinos might seem like a suicide mission in this regard but It’s all in the details as someone wise once said.
officer's chino in dark brown
Officer's chino in ivory
"...might seem like a suicide mission in this regard..."
When we set out to make them the goal was simple, make a pair of flat front, straight, flattering pair of trousers in a robust cotton that can be worn with anything from a sweatshirt and sneakers to a double-breasted jacket and a shirt.

The idea of using a very robust cotton, except the obvious perk of longevity, was the fact that it would keep a crease better thus making it suitable to wear with more dressed up attire. The hard wearing cloth make for a product that age with grace and softens over the years. The more you wear them the more personal they become.
We knew that we wanted to combine the old WWII pairs we owned which were slightly “to much” with a contemporary silhouette. We also wanted to apply the accuracy of quality stitching and attention to details such as bar tacks and finishing in general. This way we could make them the best of both worlds.
"that defines our aesthetic and ethos in terms of being hard wearing yet still refined."
What we ended up with is The Officer’s Chino, a piece of Rubato clothing that defines our aesthetic and ethos in terms of being hard wearing yet still refined. The Officer’s Chino, already a classic and staple in the Rubato wardrobe is made up in a Japanese 300gsm military grade cold mercerized cotton twill with neat stitching and a flattering cut to work for any occasion.