Meaningful Connections

Friend, gallerist and long time customer Cedric Bardawil on his relationship to art. Shot by Alex Natt.

I’m excited by where cultural worlds meet, particularly visual art and music. There’s a shared language and a sense that the arts are becoming more cohesive, more collaborative and more open. I encourage this by offering the artists I work with a platform to explore these ideas — whether it’s providing the gallery for a music performance, connecting artists or releasing their music on vinyl.
"The younger generation consumes art differently..."
I believe that music can be used to explore ideas that can’t be expressed in other art practices, and that each art form has its own unique mechanisms. The younger generation consumes art differently, with discernment but less hierarchy: on the same day they might want to go skating, then to see a museum exhibition, before checking out a clothing label and ending up at a music gig.

The potential audience for art has grown exponentially in the last 50 years or so, which is promising because it opens up conversations, creates communities and meaningful connections.
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